You’re not born an entrepreneur, you become one!

Our pedagogical approach focuses on an immediate implementation of skills acquired, so that participants will be able right away to complete their business plan in a progressive and dynamic process. Course discussions and assignments will develop a better assessment and understanding of the conditions needed to successfully implement a business plan. To reach this objective, participants must complete appropriate assignments in advance of classroom sessions to take best advantage of the explanations presented.

Tag Attestation of Vocational Specialization

We provide…

  • Definition of your business plan
  • Specific coaching
  • 8 to 9 hours per week (day or evening)
  • Targeted conferences
  • Group training with individual follow-up
  • 8 months’ coaching after the end of the course

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Course outline over 15 weeks

  • Introduction

  • Module 1

    Business project

  • Module 2

    Computer science

  • Module 3

    Promoters and the corporate structure

  • Module 4

    Supply, demand and the marketing plan

  • Module 5

    Plan of operations (production, sales, service, quality approach, supply, etc.)

  • Module 6

    Project costs and financing

  • Conclusion

    My proposal