Mentoring for entrepreneurs : an asset for growth and success

  • Accessible, no matter the size of your business
  • Support for all entrepreneurs whose place of business is located in Vaudreuil-Soulanges
  • Available to all companies whose place of business is located in Vaudreuil-Soulanges
  • Mentors are experienced entrepreneurs with specific training in business mentoring
  • Available in a structured network with ethical regulations and operating procedures

Exchanging ideas with an experienced entrepreneur who knows the reality of running a business leads to many benefits

  • Upgrade your life skills in business (develop or enhance critical faculties, creative thinking, problem-solving skills, negotiating skills, communication skills, organizational skills and efficiency, team-work skills and resilience)
  • Come out of isolation, find a needed source of support, listening, motivation and encouragement
  • Reduce stress and achieve a better balance between your personal and professional life

The role of the mentor vis-à-vis the entrepreneur

  • Establishing a relationship of TRUST in which the mentee will feel comfortable talking about their concerns as an entrepreneur
  • Supporting the mentee in their PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT as an entrepreneur
  • Assisting the mentee to step back and develop their entrepreneurial “INSTINCT”

Our mentors

Leo Lalonde
Léo Lalonde

Chief Mentor

He is an expert in human resources. For 32 years, he worked for various ministries of the federal government in conjunction with the private sector in positions directly related to management and human resources. One of the biggest challenges of his career was the establishment of employee assistance programs that he initiated and managed for many years. Developing these services later led him to obtain contracts in business development and as general manager. Léo holds a BA in Administration and has completed numerous courses related to management. He started his career in finance and has 10 years’ experience in the field. He is very socially involved with the Junior Chamber of Commerce and as a sports coach.

Michele Marcoux
Michèle Marcoux

Michèle Marcoux has over 20 years of management experience in accounting and finance, mainly for a world-class research company where, as a professional accountant, she helped implement the SAP system. As the comptroller for North America, she supervised a team of division comptrollers. She has advanced expertise in financial analysis, performance indicators, financial projections, budgeting, consolidation of results, and financial reporting to Management. Along with rigorous analytical capabilities, she demonstrates strong leadership as a trainer.

Claude Huberdeau
Claude Huberdeau

Claude Huberdeau has vast business experience specialized in the communications industry, having held various management positions for 30 years at Bell Canada, where he helped introduce and implement the Value Chain project in Québec and Ontario. He was in charge of the team managing the networks of world-scale international accounts such Alcan, Bombardier and ABB. With his broad experience, he participated in the startup of communications companies in Québec, Brazil and the U.S.—companies made successful in large part by teamwork. He’s very involved in the community and enjoys helping people develop and grow.

Yvon Cote
Yvon Côté

Yvon Coté is a talented businessman who started his first company at the age of 20 when he was a new graduate in finance and marketing. He soon realized his passion was for market development and set up different companies in fields as varied as travel, import/export of products (wine, liquor, promotional items, etc.) He still owns a business in Canada that manufactures and distributes security paper. No question, Yvon has a nose for finding new markets and he’s known as “Ambassador for Vaudreuil-Dorion” since he’s so good at selling our area to businesses seeking to locate here. Yvon is a fascinating and likeable individual!

Franco Donato
Franco Donato

In 1995 he and his brother opened the restaurant Franco & Nino. He has a long-standing involvement in the business community through various associations, as well as in the Italian community. He served as president of the Associazone Messinese for many years and was involved in the Vaudreuil-Dorion Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Through his engagement and involvement in both culture and sports, he has contributed to community visibility and the forging of ties among business people in the region. He’s an entrepreneur at heart; in fact, and the Vaudreuil-Soulanges Wine Show is one of his initiatives.

Frema Engel
Frema Engel

Frema Engel is a consultant, advisor, trainer, coach, professional speaker and writer. Her consulting firm, Engel & Associés, offers organizations and employees a range of services to promote well-being in personal and professional relations. She works with employees at all levels to build their leadership skills, encourage them in their ongoing self-improvement, help them develop resilience in the face of conflict and upheaval, and teach them to appreciate diversity, tolerance and harmony.

Cam Gentile

Cam Gentile is Chairman and CEO of EKOMINI Inc., which he co-founded and launched in 2009. He has over forty years’ experience, during which he has held senior management positions in Gildan Activewear, Uniboard Canada, Cascades Paperboard International, TC Transcontinental Printing, Domtar and Reed Paper Canada. He is retired from the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec and is Chairman of the Board of the Institut des communications graphiques et de l’imprimabilité.

René Marineau
René Marineau

He is a native of Quebec City and a graduate of Université Laval in Administration. He then moved to Montreal where he worked in real estate development and served in management positions in the packaging and printing industry for 10 years. He was Chairman, Director of Marketing and Director of Sales over a period of 30 years for Canlyte Inc., Canadian subsidiary of the Philips Group, the largest manufacturer of lighting fixtures. René is currently pursuing his career as a private management consultant and he remains socially involved.

Bernard Patry
Bernard Patry

Dr. Patry received his medical degree at the age of 23 with the mention “cum laude”. He began his medical practice at the Medical Centre of Pierrefonds, of which he is a co-founder. At the age of 26, he became one of the youngest mayors in Québec. He remained in this position for 18 years and was re-elected five times. In 1993 he became a Member of Parliament for the Electoral District of Pierrefonds-Dollard until 2011. For many years, served as Chair of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade. Dr. Patry is a man of conviction and a natural leader.

Jean Dorval
Jean Dorval

Jean Dorval has extensive business experience at the international level. After starting his career in sales and becoming director of sales and marketing, he joined Anixter Canada. Over time, Jean Dorval established the presence of Anixter International in Europe, Asia, and several major Latin American countries. These accomplishments enabled him to play the role of mentor to the presidents of several of its subsidiaries. He holds a BA and also pursued studies in electronics for four years at the Institut de Technologie de Montréal. To round out his education, he also took courses in human psychology and accounting at Concordia University. Jean appreciates people and loves to help.

Pierre G. Dubois
Pierre G. Dubois

Pierre G. Dubois retired as the first President and CEO of the Canadian Plastics Industry Association in 2003. He is a consultant who specializes in representing industry, particularly the plastics industry. He was responsible for introducing the PET bottle to Canada and played a leadership role in several professional organizations that promote the industry. He has been Chairman of the Board at the Integrated Manufacturing Technologies Institute of the National Research Council Canada (NRCC). He has received the Canplast Award (1989) and the Canadian Plastics Industry Lifetime Achievement Award (2003). Pierre is a visionary who is socially committed and devoted to the cause of the environment.